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A Reminder To Get Out Of Your Own Way!

January 18 2024 – Sonia Stackhouse

Red Scooter Christmas Vesper Red Vesper
Red Scooter Christmas Vesper Red Vesper


✨ This is just a reminder to NEVER get in your own way of doing or achieving something you really want or let fear be the reason you give up.⁠

You may (or may not) recall that I was having trouble turning right on Rosie my 🛵… and when I say ‘having trouble’ I mean serious avoidance of turning right to the point that I would only ride anywhere that I only had to turn left for most of the trip. 

Here’s a little update on this situation….⁠

It turns out that I CAN turn right after all… I had just psyched myself out of being able to do it because I’m such a shorty and I couldn’t touch the ground with my feet on the right side. I was also overprotecting my right leg as it is the weaker of my two legs post accident.⁠

So…. Um how have I overcome this?⁠

Umm this fifty year old said F**k it and jumped online and ordered myself some Platform Doc Martin Boots to give me some extra height 😂😂😂 AND Carlos shaved down the scooter seat for me of a few more added cms and now…. Well now I’m no longer limited to only turning left!! Wohhoo.

But this is about MORE than just being able to turn right on a scooter.⁠

👆🏼It was a reminder to me that more often than not… WE are the ones that get in our own way. ⁠

✋🏼 It’s OUR OWN limiting beliefs that are the biggest obstacles and blocks of us doing that thing we want to do, trying that thing we always wanted to try and achieving those dreams we dream of.⁠

👊🏼 We need to do what we NEED to do, to get to the other side of those fears that are stopping us - be it in life, love or business.⁠

🥾 Put on the boots, shave away the obstacles, find what ever it takes to sneak around that big old block your mind has put up and GET THE HELL OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!⁠

❤️ I promise you, although it might at first feel uncomfortable - life is so much more fun when you get to the other side of your fears. 💪🏼 ⁠

P.S Doesn’t Rosie look fabulously festive with her little berry adornment!⁠