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      Join us for a wonderful experience - a Kintsugi Workshop.

      Kintsugi is the unique and ancient Japanese art of repairing broken, chipped and cracked pottery using lacquer and gold.

      The key message behind the Kintsugi art form is the “Beauty of Imperfection”.

      Something breaking is a natural part of its life, however rather than throwing away broken objects, they can be repaired and the cracks that remain not only show the object’s history, it teaches us the beauty in embracing flaws and scars and that those imperfections should be accepted and cherished, not hidden.

      In our Beginner’s Kintsugi workshop, guests will learn the modern Kintsugi technique designed by Kintsugi Australia. As you repair a plate, you will learn some of the basic techniques using with modern materials such as epoxy glue and putty.

      You will learn where you can get the materials so that once you have done this class, you will be able to continue to repair and embrace your perfectly imperfect your own objects at home.

        PLEASE NOTE: This class is recommended for ages over 16 and is NOT recommended for pregnant women.

          No previous experience is necessary.
          All materials are provided including; a Textbook and a beautiful Kintsugi plate (Plate designs vary depending on availability)., nibbles & refreshments.


          STUDIO ADDRESS: Studio 4102 N.O 4 Daydream St Warriewood, NSW 2102.

          GROUP BOOKINGS: For Bookings of four or more people on the one booking, please use the promo code GROUP10 for a 10% Group Discount.


          Your space in a class is reserved only once full payment has been received.

          Our workshop tickets are non refundable, but if you are aware you will be unable to attend, you may pass your ticket to someone else you wish to come in your place.

          In the event you forget to come or you are unable to attend a workshop, the ticket is non transferable after the event.

          Please see our full Terms and Conditions here.

          Whilst arriving, attending and leaving the workshops, it is your responsibility to ensure that you maintain and adhere to all safety precautions and requirements during the workshop. Little Lane workshops and the attending creatives hold no personal liability or responsibility for any damage, loss or theft incurred to personal property, or any physical injuries obtained during the workshop. By attending a workshop, you agree in holding full responsibility and liability for any damages, injuries to parties involved and physical and/or personal property that may occur during the workshop.

          By attending a class, you agree that you will not reproduce, replicate or redistribute any element of the class or materials provided or content from our website or social platforms in part or full for personal or commercial use.


          Kintsugi Australia was established in 2018 by Jun Morooka.

          Jun was born in Tokyo in 1959, and came to Australia in 1984.  He stayed a year and became fan of Australia. After he went back to Japan, he took the national qualification of a cook, then migrated to Australia in 1987. One of reasons he decided to move was because he wanted Australians to know more about Japan, Japanese culture, especially Japanese food. Jun’s dream has come true in 2008, he finally owned a busy Japanese restaurant.

          He came across the art of Kintsugi when he watched the Japanese TV.  At that time many plates were broken in his restaurant, and he thought that Kintsugi was a good method to repair them !

          During his self studying of Kintsugi, he was also fascinated by philosophy of Kintsugi!

          "An object is sometimes broken. however, this is part of its life, and rather than throw it away it can be repaired and the cracks remain to show its history. We can repair not only broken objects, but also deep sorrow, broken heart, relationship, our health by something else. Kintsugi is just like our life, exactly the same!"

          Jun returned to Japan 2-3 times a year where he began learning Kintsugi and then Jun sold his restaurant in 2017 and flew back to Japan to pursue the art of Kintsugi for one year. He has been studying under 5 different Masters of Kintsugi across Japan since 2015.


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