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  • A very special Message from US to YOU đź’—

    Posted on August 01 2018

    Oh my gosh... WHAT A WEEK of celebrations we are having around here.For starters, today is our 3rd Birthday. THREE whole years of a brand new life I never in...

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  • We Have Some New Digs

    Posted on November 17 2016

    Well... we are happy to say that we are all moved in to our new studio and she is sooooo purrrdy.We had our first class there on the Saturday just...

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  • GUEST POST - Rare Pear Studio

    Posted on August 17 2016

    A guest post from the gorgeous Shani from Rare Pear Studios Instagram Edited, Instagram Perfect, Instagram Love.  Instagram oh Instagram. Place of wonders, place of beauty, place of sharing. Place of everything...

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  • It's Our Birthday!!!

    Posted on August 14 2016

    Something very exciting took place this past week you guys.Little Lane Workshops turned one.Holy Shitballs - ONE YEAR!I have to admit, it's been one hellava crazy busy year. It's also...

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  • Beautiful Blooms... With a Secret

    Posted on May 14 2016

    We have these stunning flower arrangement scattered all around the warehouse and everyone always asks about them when they come to a workshop and comment on how they add to the beauty...

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  • The Write Stuff

    Posted on February 18 2016

    Our Calligraphy Classes are an absolute sell out.. so much so that this year we have had to get an extra table involved.. never a bad thing as far as...

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  • Hang it up Honey!!

    Posted on February 15 2016

    Oh there were so many laughs at this workshop.. not only did we tell a host of retro, juvenile and totally kitsch jokes but we all walked away with something...

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  • Snap, Snap, Snap

    Posted on December 09 2015

    Leanne has hosted two workshops with us and both have been a sell out.  The main aim of the workshop is just to get you confident with shooting in manual...

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  • What's cookin' good lookin' ?

    Posted on November 10 2015

    So when a workshop starts with the most beautiful puppy running into the warehouse and comes to say 'Hello' you know thats a cute start but when you wonder where...

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  • Such Basket Cases...

    Posted on October 07 2015

    Ok so I am going to be a very honest here.. Not ALL creatives are a dream to work with.  We have been asking people we have long admired on...

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  • Meet The Good Bunch

    Posted on September 30 2015

    One side of DTLL Workshops that we had never focused on is really becoming a firm favourite. The event space rental.  Our stunning handmade table was always designed as something...

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  • What is in YOUR Closet?

    Posted on September 23 2015

    This event space hire was a girls dream event.. Briella the owner of Your Closet wanted a space so she could hold a pop up shop of sorts. A pop...

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  • When we got our weave on...

    Posted on September 15 2015

    Sonia and I had already had the pleasure of doing Sky's Workshop so we sat this one out and got to watch our attendee's make their own masterpieces. I must...

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  • First Cab off the Rank..

    Posted on August 14 2015

    August 1st 10am... we opened the doors at 17 Carter Rd and popped our cherry with our first official workshop.  Jayde was an awesome host .. confident, amusing, totally rad.. well...

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  • The Sky is the Limit with our Weaving Workshop..

    Posted on August 14 2015

    Yep don't I think I am funny.. the sky's the limit with a weaving workshop when Sky Carter is our host? .. Ok so I am a prat but its...

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