FLUID ART WORKSHOP Sunday 24.05.20 2.30-5.30pm


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      In this Fluid Art Masterclass Workshop, artist Teresa Small will equip you with all the knowledge and technical skills required to create an effective acrylic fluid abstract. This workshop explores the fluid styles achievable with a thinner ink-like consistency.

      Students will be taught the process, unique techniques and science behind the exciting cutting edge ‘high flow’ acrylic paints and artist-grade pouring medium. In a fun, supportive and creative environment students will learn to vibrantly express themselves in the abstract realm. Key compositional skills such as the use of colour, balance, positive and negative space are taught to students, under the experienced guide of a professional Artist.

      The workshop will start with an introduction to the style covering the painting basics, composition, pigment weights and colour theory, accompanied by an information booklet,

      After the introduction a series of demonstrations will be conducted explaining step by step the practical techniques required to create each unique effect.

      The effects include, creating various cell styles, tree ring pour, string pulling, marbling, swipe and blow torching. Students will paint three canvases during the workshop to collect when dry.

      The result is breath taking, unique artworks that are both artistically striking and finished with an archival level of quality.

      All materials are provided and no experience is necessary.

      Fluid Art Fluid Pour Workshops Sydney

      Fluid Art Fluid Pour Workshops Sydney



      My name is Teresa Small and I am an emerging artist, based in Sydney, Australia. Working primarily (but not limited) with oils, my expertise is in painting. My perception of the beautiful world around me changed completely when I was introduced to painting. I fell in love with the world in a whole new way. I first picked up the paint brush when I was thirteen and it was love at first stroke. Painting now for over 10 years, I enjoy creating exceptionally high-quality art works that ranges from photo-realistic portraits, sublime landscapes to bold, vibrant and surreal contemporary styles. I exhibit my work in multiple art shows and local cafes, as well as running market stalls around the eastern suburbs and inner west of Sydney. I have proven to be exceedingly popular with clients for my commissioned works.

      Painting has been such a pure source of joy to me and sharing that joy has been my mission for the last two years. Running classing in watercolour, acrylics and oils weekly in traditional techniques in realism shares my knowledge of classical art making. Alongside my classes I run a series of creative, dynamic and social workshops in cutting edge mediums and techniques with a groovy twist.

      The creative freedom of the fluid style painting has seduced me with its wild, free flowing properties. This painting technique draws a direct parallel to the flow of life. There are aspects you can control such as the colours used, techniques applied, and variations added, just like in life you can control the decisions you choose. The final product however is always new and different, a beautiful surprise, like in life you never have complete control, yet the outcome always has beauty to it. Let me share this love of fluid art with you through the exciting workshops is high flow painting.

      Our address is Studio 4102 N.O 4 Daydream St Warriewood, NSW 2102.

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