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      Beeswax Wrap DIY Kits - Aussie Botanicals

      This deluxe Beeswax Wrap DIY kit from Wanderlightly has everything you need to create your own Beeswax wraps at home.

      Your Kit includes;
      - 1 x Small Premade & Ready to Use Beeswax wrap 

      - 2 x 35 gm Beeswax Mixture blocks
      A mix of Australian Beeswax, Pine Rosin* & Australian Jojoba oil, blended perfectly to give you a wrap that has the right amount of stickiness, pliability, allowing your food to breathe whilst staying fresh

      - Pre-cut Fabric - 2 medium squares 25 x 25 cm & 1 large square 35 x 35 cm
      A combination of printed fabric or salvaged Hemp + Unbleached Organic Cotton 

      - Detailed instructions with 2 easy methods to choose from to find the most convenient way for you.

      Please note: This activity requires Adult supervision at all times as it involves the oven or an iron.

      *Not suitable for those with a pine allergy


      Wrap Care 
      Wipe with a damp cloth or wash in cold water & air dry
      To refresh pop on grease proof paper on a low oven when it’s looking tired

      Life Span
      Wrap will last 12 months depending on frequency of use & can be composted at the end of its life.

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