SOUND HEALING WORKSHOP Wednesday 12.06.19 7pm - 9.30pm


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      Flowing through Sound Instruments with a Sound Healing Journey
      You are invited to a workshop to learn how to play the sound instruments such as singing bowls, wind chimes, tuning forks and drums. This workshop also include a Sound Healing Journey with Conscious Breathwork
      - Learn about how to play crystal and singing bowls so you can -access these unique healing vibration.
      - Differences between smaller bowls and larger bowls
      - Differences in bowl shapes and how to hold your bowl
      - Tuning into to bowls which resonates with your energy
      - Striking and playing the bowl around the rim
      - Other sound instruments Koshi chimes and drums
      - How and when to use your instruments
      - Maintaining a clear space: cleansing your instruments
      - Harnessing the energy of your bowl to charge your intention
      - A relaxing Sound Bath Meditation to finish the class
      Deepen your meditation and access inner consciousness though Sound Healing. Sound can be felt as incredible waves resonating through the body to heal, reduce stress and promote deep blissful relaxation. Sound healing using singing bowls raises your vibration leaving you present and energised.
      Our Universe is made up of vibrations - living universal energy made of sound waves and light that can heal. Quartz Crystal singing bowls and Tibetan singing bowls are vibrational transmitters that resonate with this universal energy wave directing light into our bodies to heal and rejuvenate.
      Sound healing and guided meditation are beautiful ways to connect to your own Higher Consciousness and awaken your own Inner Healer. When you let go, you can begin to listen with your body.
      This session will assist you to let go of your mind chatter, and is an alternative for those who can find it hard to just sit and meditate.
      It also promotes pain relief, the release of calming hormones, improves immune system and sleep quality.
      - Reduces stress
      - promotes deep relaxation
      - Quietens the mind
      - promotes pain relief
      - Release of calming hormones
      - Improves immune system
      - Improves sleep quality
      - experience more energy
      - Heal emotional pain.
      Give yourself permission to be still, centre yourself.
      Linh is a facilitator of Sound Healing with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan bowls, Meditation & Mindfulness courses
      Our address is Studio 4102 N.O 4 Daydream St Warriewood, NSW 2102.
      Sound Healing Workshop Sydney - Tibetan Singing Bowls
      About Linh Mcdermott 

      Linh has inspiring and helping people to transform through their true authentic self since 2003 in London. She is a Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Reconnective Healer, Mindfulness Life Coach and Author.  

      Linh uses a combination of Sound Vibration, Reiki, Divine Love, and energy to create Sacred Space where transformational shifts and healings can occur.


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