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What's cookin' good lookin' ?

Posted on November 10 2015

So when a workshop starts with the most beautiful puppy running into the warehouse and comes to say 'Hello' you know thats a cute start but when you wonder where it is from and see the name is 'Cookie' and you are running a Cookie Workshop.. well thats is just meant to be!

Such was our start with Karyn. Karyn is a gorgeous being with 30 years experience making the most amazing cookies and cakes (for even famous peeps no less, not allowed to mention names) and she has a such a calm manner in how she teaches along with the tricks of the trade she had amateurs looking like total professionals before they left.

There was much mess made and lots of great colours in use.. by the end of the day we had g-string cookies.. need I say more?!. 

As always our attendees were a great bunch of people who laughed from beginning to end and we ran over time because we just didn't notice!..

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