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Meet The Good Bunch

Posted on September 30 2015

One side of DTLL Workshops that we had never focused on is really becoming a firm favourite. The event space rental. 

Our stunning handmade table was always designed as something to inspire people to gather and share a love of whatever event they were attending but that would have been created by us.. or so we thought.


Of late we have had so many gorgeous local businesses that are drawn to the open space, the high ceilings and the stunning light that floods through our doors. We have priced our rental at a level to make it achievable for all to afford and that is meaning we have some very inspiring start ups wander through the door for a sticky beak.

One of these was The Good Bunch.

I can't tell you the full story about why Jules is starting The Good Bunch as that is for her to tell but her ethics and way of life are magnetic. The event (of which there will be more each month from now on) is enchanting.

Picture walking into our space but it dressed as a florist shop. Then turn to our main table and find it styled to perfection like a beautiful French Farmhouse, organic oranges, vintage enamel pitchers filled with display flowers and marble and wood cheeseboards with olives, breads, chutneys and more..

You are invited to bring your own flowers be they locally bought, grown in your garden or foraged from your neighbours or local walks. You need not bring anything at all the offer is in the spirit of sharing and a Pot Luck experience.

Julie explains all about locally sourced flowers and the reasons she started The Good Bunch. You then get the chance to create your own "Good Bunches" to take home.

You get to be those florists that you see in the shops, the ones that wander around all those pots and pick out amazing stems, add the to the bunch in your hand and decide whether or not they should stay.

It feels artistic and extravagant yet the whole event is about supporting your local growers. From the food to the flowers everything is sourced locally.

At the end of this all you get to go home with flowers to last you the fortnight and a little goodie bag too.. 

The Good Bunch.. ARE a good bunch.. what more can I say. You really should want to be there and be part of it! Why don't I let the images do the talking...

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