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Such Basket Cases...

Posted on October 07 2015

Ok so I am going to be a very honest here.. Not ALL creatives are a dream to work with. 

We have been asking people we have long admired on line to be part of our DTLL Workshops Creative Team and yet a few of them we have never actually met.

We know they have mad skills and can teach the class we are having them host to perfection but we don't know what their personality is like when they are doing it. When I am attending a workshop I know I love a good teacher so of course we want just that for all our workshops too.

Well Brooke Munro was one of those creatives we had only ever known on line. We figured that if Baby Mac thought she was good enough to hang out with that she couldn't be too bad huh?

How WRONG could we have been. She was not nice. She was not even funny. She was so darn gorgeous we wanted to eat her up!


Brooke lives in the country, she has done since childhood and you can tell. She is not only offers that fabulous humbling welcome that country folk do but she has some fabulous gardening knowledge and heck the girl can truly create!!.

As always I will let the pictures tell the story because seriously.. look at those baskets!!


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