When we got our weave on...

Posted on September 15 2015

When we got our weave on...

Sonia and I had already had the pleasure of doing Sky's Workshop so we sat this one out and got to watch our attendee's make their own masterpieces. I must say there were some seriously cool colour combos being produced. 

I adore seeing all the colours that our people get to choose from and have as a feature colour in the weavings they make. Sky always goes above and beyond with her supplies and that really does make all the difference. I think everyone comes with a vision and with her amazing selection making the dream a reality so easily done..

She also always brings some of her works to hang and inspire the girls creating.. its great to be able to ask how she did this and that and then be shown by the master!!.
All our workshops attendees go home with a bag full of things to finish off their pieces and start the next along with, of course, what they have created so far.. 


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