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First Cab off the Rank..

Posted on August 14 2015

August 1st 10am... we opened the doors at 17 Carter Rd and popped our cherry with our first official workshop.  Jayde was an awesome host .. confident, amusing, totally rad.. well just Jayde being Jayde, as expected. We had a range of ages around the table with Kitty as our youngest, a group of 15-18 year olds and some oldies (ha.. Sonia and I were the eldest at just 40 and not yet 40). 



Sonia and I had been an excited bundle of nervous energy but the minute we all started creating and friends popped in to check out our retail area we just relaxed and enjoyed the buzz.

  Everyone was commenting on the positive vibes flowing around the room and our 3 hours were over in a flash leaving us busting for Thursday to roll around so we could do it all again... We now have Weaving, Beauty, Calligraphy and Photography lined up with more being added everyday as we confirm dates with our creatives.. so sign up to our newsletter and we will shoot you a reminder once a fortnight of all the dates and classes available AND before you go have you spotted our Creatives Night?.. Check it out.. We are looking forward to hanging out with some locals and seeing what you all make for fun x 

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